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About Us


Meet the Owner 


Alessandra is a business owner, sustainability-enthusiast, and luxury event planner in Orlando, Florida who helps her clients to disconnect from the stress of event planning and reconnect to the true beauty of life—sharing moments with loved ones, nourishing our body, and protecting the beautiful planet. She uses her extensive knowledge in guest experience to create a fully customized luxury event for every client.


After a decade in hospitality management, she experienced first hand how wasteful the hospitality and event industry is by nature. Her mission in creating Lava Luxury Picnics (Lava Lux for short) is to craft beautiful experiences for her clients that don’t come at a cost to the planet.

Lava Lux’s innovative approach pushes the boundaries to inspire a mindset shift in the industry by creating more sustainably-conscious events. Here's how we're taking action:

  • Ten percent of revenue is donated to ocean conservation.

  • Our menu is 100% plant based and packed with flavor. We support organic farming methods, high quality ingredients and optimal health.

  • We avoid single-use items traditionally used for events and then immediately sent to landfills or end up in our ecosystem (balloons, plastic cutlery, confetti, etc.)

  • We regularly review the second hand market for items that have been gently used. Quality and condition are our top priority and many items we've found have never been used and would have otherwise been sent to a landfill.

  • The inventory we do purchase new is comprised of high quality products that are built to last. Many consumer items today are created with planned obsolescence in mind. 

Your event with Lava Lux will be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones and have a positive, lasting impact on our local Orlando community.

Why "Lava"?


Our brand is focused on creating luxury experiences that are eco-conscious. It takes extra time and effort, but our planet is important to us and it deserves to be treated that way.


Lava rock has many healing properties, one of which is to rebalance your foundation.  The Earth, our foundation, is in need of rebalance, nurturing, protection, and a change of our ways to be able to sustain life for generations to come. The name “Lava” is symbolic of our mission to do our part for the planet and inspire others to do the same.

Alessandra also spent many years on the Big Island of Hawaii which happens to be covered in beautifully dried, black lava rock. Big Island holds a special place in her heart and is not only where she started her family but where the idea of Lava Lux was born. 

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